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Limited-edition 2-752 men’s ring
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Limited-edition 2-752 men’s ring

Cool, matte 18-karat white gold meets warm yellow gold in the inner ring, refined, minimalist details for just 128 men worldwide.

Bursting with energy and cool.

Smooth and tactile with a striking appearance, the 2-752 spinning men’s ring, limited to 128 pieces, makes a sophisticated statement that will set men’s hearts racing. This is the second ring from a limited-edition range of men’s rings and has a distinctive name with huge significance. It’s not possible for there to be more gold – the designation “752” stands for the over-alloying of the gold, which is how the jewellery manufactory guarantees that all parts contain at least 750 parts of fine gold, and can therefore be referred to as 18 karat. In the inner ring, the 2-752 engraving visually captures the ring’s special message. The 2 is cold-enamelled: microengravings to the nearest tenth of a millimetre can only be filled with cold enamel by hand with a tenfold magnification under the microscope. This Wellendorff design is inspired by minimalism and clean lines. A jet-black band of Wellendorff cold enamel creates a striking contrast to the matte white-gold surface and small, screw engravings on the smooth exterior ring enhance the ring’s masculine design. The engraved “Wellendorff” lettering on the matte-brushed exterior ring, symbolising Genuine Values, is sure to turn heads.


18-karat white gold
Wellendorff-cold enamel:
Black tones
0,002 ct. TW/IF/VVS
Ring width:
7,0 mm
Special features:
Ring is rotatable
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