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From Love. The Best.

Out of love for his wife, Christoph Wellendorff wanted to give her something really special for their wedding anniversary, to show her that 'She is perfect to me.' The result was a floating diamond, set in such a way that nothing detracts from its beauty and purity. 

From Love. The Best.

Minutes turn into hours and moments last half a lifetime – that’s when you know it must be love. A floating diamond in the centre of the amulet encapsulates the message for this one true love: “You are perfect”. When the upper half of the amulet swings to the side, the gaze is drawn to the many layers of hand-applied Wellendorff cold enamel, like “star dust”. A glimpse of shimmering jet-black depths mesmerises the beholder. An enchanting sight that awakens memories; memories of the countless moments of an enduring romance, sparkling like a thousand stars in the night sky.

Perfection right down to the most minute detail.

18-karat yellow gold (also available in white gold)
Wellendorff-cold enamel:
Black tones
Solitaire 0,25ct. Total Diam. 0,575ct. incl. 0,18ct. Topas
Special features:
Engraving possibilities
More on special features
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